Find out these 9 sneaky reasons triggering acne and how to control them

Find out these 9 sneaky reasons triggering acne and how to control them

We live in an era where skin-care is as important as health and self-care. People irrespective of gender are investing a lot of amount of time and energy into taking care and preserving their complexion. We set beauty rituals and follow up with all the latest and greatest ticks and tips promising fresh and flawless skin. Despite all the effort we put in, acne strikes again! To halt the problem it is cardinal to find the root cause for the break out. It can be anything from imbalance in hormone levels to environmental factors.


Travelling business class or economy or private jet, there’s no escaping the dry air on a plane. When your skin is parched, the dehydrated cells build up and retain oil, which can leave you with an unwanted relic, i.e. acne. To prevent such post flight breakouts, always apply a hydrating serum before you board and use a mild exfoliator after you land. The serum will push in the moisture way deep into the skin and the exfoliator will remove the surface cells that accumulated during your flight.

So, here are 9 habits that you can actually control which can in turn help to cut down the daunting break out. There best part of it all? Most of them are habits you probably don’t even know you’re doing!

Your phone

We use our phones 24/7. We touch our phones over a gazillion times a day and bacteria and dirt from your fingers can build up on your screen causing breakouts around your chin, cheeks and mouth. You can eliminate this sneaky trigger to an extend, by keeping your screen clear and clean. Give it a daily rubdown with an antibacterial wipe or switch to making calls using headphones to avoid contact with your skin and phone all together.

Hair products

Your hair products like pomades and gels most often contain chock-full of ingredients that can drip onto your skin and clog pores. If you have noticed breakouts near your hairline, neck and back, there’s a chance that these profits might be the culprit. To avoid this, thoroughly rinse off the conditioner off your body and cover your face before putting on styling or conditioning sprays. Also restrain from applying oils and serums to bangs or layers of hair that frame your face.

Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are prime magnets for bacteria, dirt and oil. Unless you clean your beauty brushes religiously, it’s likely they are contributing to your breakouts. So what you can do is, every time you are done using the brush, wipe it down on an antibacterial wipe. Also, make sure than deep cleanse the brushes weekly.


Well, we are all eternally lazy to do our laundry. But did you know that dirty pillowcases hang on to surface germs, oils, sweat and residue from hair products, which can all lead to acne? Hope this is motivating enough to change your pillowcases every week.

Workout clothes

Sweat and friction from your gym clothes can cause a blockage to your sweat glands. What follows next? Acne on your chest and back. To prevent this, shift to wearing more breathable, quick-drying fabrics with a looser fit. Additionally, sprinkling on a bit of body powder before you put on your exercise gear to help reduce friction and taking a shower right after you work out.


Different people have issues with one or the other they things that they consume on a daily basis. For instance dairy can aggravate acne because it can stimulate oil glands and increase clogged pores. Cow’s milk contains hormones that can interact with your skin as well as influence your body’s own hormones. So, consult a dietician and figure out an apt diet for you.

Your hands

This is a difficult habit to let go off. Most of us do it without noticing, but touching your face is a common cause of breakouts around your chin and jawline because you are bringing bacteria to your skin, as well as applying pressure to it. And to goes for for squeezing pimples and picking at scabs too as it will the acne worse. So keep your hands-off your face!

Stress levels

We’re all part of the unending rat race of life. Working hard and staying busy all the time definitely affects your skin. When you’re under stress, you produce more stress hormone, which kicks oil production into high gear. Try to create an effective strategy for coping with stress by including catching up on your sleep, exercising and practicing self-care.


Source:- pinkvilla