Sonali Bendre had 30 per cent chance of surviving, wasn’t told she had Stage IV cancer

Sonali Bendre had 30 per cent chance of surviving, wasn’t told she had Stage IV cancer

When Sonali Bendre announced the news of her cancer diagnosis back in July last year, the whole film fraternity and her thousands of fans and followers were left heartbroken. She had taken off to New York for medical treatment but not for once did Sonali leave her fans worrying. She made sure to “switch on her sunshine” and was constantly updating her social media family about her battle against cancer.

With strength and optimism to learn from, Sonali is fighting her battle against cancer and now that she’s back in the bay amidst her treatment, the actor is making sure her journey serves the inspiration to help other cancer patients.

Months after she dropped the big news, Sonali, in interaction with Rajeev Masand, shared that she was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Cancer. Adding that it was her husband Goldie Behl’s idea to fly to New York for treatment, Sonali said that the doctors in New York had told her that she’d 30 per cent chance.

Sonali shared that she didn’t want to go to New York at all leaving her life and home behind and said, “It was my husband who dragged me there. I fought with him all the way like why are you doing this.. we have doctors here, why are you taking me away. My life, my home.. in three days, we literally just packed and left an I don’t know what is happening why are we going through this.”

“But he was just quiet through the whole thing and just focussed. In the day, he was organising and in the night, because New York was awake, he was again organising.. So, I got him to actually crib about the whole thing on the flight. Through the flight, I cribbed. I was venting,” she shared.

Sonali went on to share that while they had sent the doctors her test reports beforehand, they visited them the next day after landing. She cited, “Next day we go to the doctor and he looks at everything and we had sent all our tests and everything and he said it’s the fourth stage and you have 30 per cent chance and I was like what.” She added, “That really hit me and I just turned to Goldie. I remember looking at him and saying thank god you got me here.”

She further added, “Goldie just always said that I would rather tomorrow feel that I overreacted and overspent than underreacted and have that regret I should have done that. We were not told it was the fourth stage but Goldie had started reading up on it and he was suspecting and he was not sure.. And that’s why he said there’s no chance taking.”

The actor spoke at length about why she chose to control the narrative and put out regular updates on social media. She also opened up about how her son, Ranveer Behl, reacted to the news and went on to share how scared she was.


Source:- timesnownews